Saturday, June 14, 2008

Level 70+1 !

Im getting into the home stretch for leveling now. My goal for this weekend was level 70 and i got 71.

I hope to hit 80 by the end of this week, this upcoming saturday night at the latest.

The quests are finally starting to pick up a little bit again but according to everyone i am still going to end up grinding out a couple of levels. It is ok for the most part grinding doesnt take that long the REAL problem is doing it in peace. I am constantly distracted by PvP encounters. Thats not a bad thing but i am getting to the point where i am tired of not being the max level especially being so close to it.

I recently changed my tempest's spec to a more "leveling friendly" one it has more points in the lighting tree so to increase my AoE dps.. Once i hit 80 i fully intend to spec out of alot of the AoE dps and focus alot on pvp healing ability and survivability and group support.. even then tempest still should maintain some decent AoE output i will just be trading out things like column lighting for more group oriented abilities. I fully intend my next character to be some sort of melee DPS i have started several alts but i am still undecided as to the exact route i want to take for my next one. But thats a ways off yet i am starting to taste level 80 and i want to hit it and begin doing my level 80 things and helping my other guildies get 80 so we can really buckle down on the city and getting it up to speed.

Speaking of guildies... The guild news so far is good we have gained several more members this past week and we have completed even more city buildings.. We have all of the tier 1 buildings set up now we are just hoping they fix that tier 3 city bug soon so we can get ready to start bulking up for sieging!

Thats all for now ill have more soon!

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