Saturday, August 30, 2008

age of conan is dead to me

i wont even go into why.. but lets just say this blog is going to start reflecting warhammer online in the near future

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Finally hit 80 and am changing my spec. ill post some more vids and crap here soon as the servers come back up.

Now for the fun process of all that is end game.. ^^

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Level 70+1 !

Im getting into the home stretch for leveling now. My goal for this weekend was level 70 and i got 71.

I hope to hit 80 by the end of this week, this upcoming saturday night at the latest.

The quests are finally starting to pick up a little bit again but according to everyone i am still going to end up grinding out a couple of levels. It is ok for the most part grinding doesnt take that long the REAL problem is doing it in peace. I am constantly distracted by PvP encounters. Thats not a bad thing but i am getting to the point where i am tired of not being the max level especially being so close to it.

I recently changed my tempest's spec to a more "leveling friendly" one it has more points in the lighting tree so to increase my AoE dps.. Once i hit 80 i fully intend to spec out of alot of the AoE dps and focus alot on pvp healing ability and survivability and group support.. even then tempest still should maintain some decent AoE output i will just be trading out things like column lighting for more group oriented abilities. I fully intend my next character to be some sort of melee DPS i have started several alts but i am still undecided as to the exact route i want to take for my next one. But thats a ways off yet i am starting to taste level 80 and i want to hit it and begin doing my level 80 things and helping my other guildies get 80 so we can really buckle down on the city and getting it up to speed.

Speaking of guildies... The guild news so far is good we have gained several more members this past week and we have completed even more city buildings.. We have all of the tier 1 buildings set up now we are just hoping they fix that tier 3 city bug soon so we can get ready to start bulking up for sieging!

Thats all for now ill have more soon!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oop! Two buildings!

Its a start.. isnt it sad ive got a digital design degree and know how to use in depth most all of the professional programs such as after effects and newest versions of photoshop yet i find using this windows media maker to be my way of choice for making these little quick videos... funny stuff... anyways see the video for the reason for making this post. Again sorry for the slow updates been incredibly busy with work... anyways here it is.. bout 6 minutes of more rambling.. enjoy!

Monday, May 26, 2008

This aint your momma's mmo

Healing... im one of those crazy ass individuals who actually enjoy playing this vital group role. Without a healer pretty much any group you are a part of is doomed to failure.

You would think that such a vital mechanic of the gameplay more people would try to understand how it works so that they know how to go about making sure the classes that CAN do it CAN do it for them when they need it.

Kiddos this is how healing works in AoC incase you did not know. I want you to take every damn thing you ever knew about MMO style group healing and toss it as it does not apply in this game. (going to talk from a tempest of set point of view here)

99.5% of the healing i am going to give you is going to come in the form of HoTs (Heal Over Time) what this means is i cast the ability and instead of giving you the heal in one big bulk package it delivers it out in equal parts every few seconds up to a certain amount. I am able to keep these abilities going on my entire party pretty much the entire fight. I have one "emergency" heal that heals for about 800 damage at the moment. Once i use this ability on you once it has a long cooldown timer and i CANNOT use it on the same target for one minute after it initially hits them.

If you see me doing DPS its because all of my HoTs are working and nobody requires the big heal at the moment. Infact i get certain feats that allow my damage spells to pulse healing around them or even my healing spells to pulse damage around them. As a result you will see me sometimes doing damage as well as healing. This is normal and infact i am doing my job as a healer by doing this. I CAN and WILL add pretty damn decent DPS to the group while maintaining the health pools of everyone.

My heals work in an CONE effect.. what this means is if everyone is spaced out to far it makes my job incredibly difficult as i might not catch everyone in my cone and end up having to search for the target that was missed by it.

What this means for you is you should always be positioning yourself in a manner that will not require your healer to run around or spin around to much to heal ..

In this game it is WISE to bring at least two healers with you most anywhere you go.. my personal recommendations are either a Priest of mitra / bear shamen or a Tempest of set/bear shamen. All three priest classes can main heal just fine but they have different effects that come along with there healing abilities.

Tempest of set - Great added AoE damage and bad ass mana regen for the entire group
Bear shamen - great help for the melee people in your party as they can help regenerate stamina mid fight
Priest of Mitra - adds in some great CC and decent damage to there primary healing.

Healers MUST function differently in this game in order to survive. Learn to adapt your group tactics around this.

I hope this was semi helpful to the people who obviously did not bother to look this up and instead are yelling at the healers they come across in the game because they think the healers should stand in the background and heal bot which is impossible in this game anyways.

I might even make a video on this later today.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sorry not alot today again either

I was only on long enough today to get from 42-43 and now i gotta go to sleep as i got plans starting early tmrw morning.

I am going to try to play sunday evening - monday evening though a straight 24 hour attempt to get up to level 50 or higher if possible. Ill prolly have time to make a couple of videos and such in the process.

in the mean while check this out.. i suggest you turn sound off or at least down low while watching it tho as the tone gets annoying but its pretty awesome looking

anyways keep checkin back will have some more interesting AoC stuff soon

Friday, May 23, 2008

Not alot today.

Not much to say today.. had a rough day at work.. alot of car accidents i had to work and in the friggin heat it made me really tired and sunburnt.

Did not manage to do alot in game today. We did a group run of some of the k-province instances a guild group that is. Turns out One player can "apprentice" multiple people. Should be good later on when we get some level 80s might make it easy for people to start new alts.

if you havent seen it check out this

anyways thats it for today.. gnight folks